Charley Harper Love From Below Quilt Pattern

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The Meredith Collection Charley Harper Quilts Love From Below Pattern

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Finished Size 28in x 68in

C'mon, it's time to meet the neighbors, Mama hippo snorts. Her baby clambers onto mother's big back for the ride. Eye to eye with a Nile crocodile, the cute calf craves play--licking and chewing on the croc like a teething ring--while Mama's massive midriff offers maximum parental support. The little hippo couldn't' risk a play date alone--only in Mater's presence. In an instant, should fun turn to run, Baby Hippo can depend on Mama to rise up to her defense. After all, every Mom's love looms large--in this case, VERY large.

Original Artwork By Charley Harper

Quilt Pattern By Keri Duke

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