The Awesome Oval Bag Pattern

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The Awesome Oval Bag Pattern By Mrs. H


The Awesome Oval Bag is a classic bucket-shaped bag with a modern twist! Mrs H's side connectors are long john strap anchors from Emmaline Bags, but you can use other types of strap anchors if you like - the measurements are all in the pattern. The over the shoulder or crossbody strap connects to the anchors with swivel clips, which means that you can use feature strap anchors like long johns and still have a nice, wide 1" strap. This is quite a slouchy bag, making it easy to pack if you're going away. It has only one seam on the lining (on the side) and one on the exterior (at the back). These offset seams help to make the bag sturdier. There's only fleece in our cover bag, giving The Awesome Oval Bag its slouchy and casual feel, but you could make it sturdier by adding Decovil Light or foam. Having one seam for the exterior is also helpful for if you would like to do some colour blocking. The Awesome Oval Bag closes at the top with a recessed zip, which is near to the top edge of the bag so you won't lose any space inside by having a zip but will still be reassured that your belongings will be kept safe inside there. And, the zipper has a long tail to it so that you can open your bag nice and wide. Inside the bag, there's a slip pocket and a zip pocket as well as the large central space. This bag uses a basic zip pocket, but if you've got The Complete Bag Making Masterclass then you could change that out for a different kind of pocket. You can also add a few extra pockets, if that's what you like. The Awesome Oval Bag has a sturdy oval shaped base to which you can add bag feet if you wish. The skills covered in this pattern include how to: sew a zipper pocket sew a slip pocket sew a 1" wide adjustable strap add swivel clips to a strap use strap anchors to secure your strap sew a zip bridge (zip bridges are used in bags to create a recessed zipper that sits slightly down inside your bag rather than right along the top of your bag) This confident beginner level sewing pattern has finished dimensions of 10" wide x 9" height x 6 1/2" depth (25.5cm x 23cm x 16.5cm)

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