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Binding for Today's Quiler Skill Builder Class~August 29th, 2022
Cutting, Piecing & Pressing for Today's Quilter Class~Sept. 8th, 2022
Alaska Quilt Class~Sept. 10th, 2022Alaska Quilt Class~Sept. 10th, 2022
Beginner Quilting Class~Oct. 4th, 2022Beginner Quilting Class~Oct. 4th, 2022
Garden Gate Quilt Class~Oct. 12th, 2022
Fun with Free Motion Quilting Class~Oct. 13th, 2022
Sunflower Quilling Class~October 14th, 2022
Fun with Free Motion Quilting Class~Oct. 15th, 2022
Mandala Quilling Class~Oct. 16th, 2022
Just Dandy Class~Oct. 27th, 2022Just Dandy Class~Oct. 27th, 2022
Just Dandy Class~Oct. 27th, 2022
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Tamarack Jacket Class~Nov. 1st, 2022Tamarack Jacket Class~Nov. 1st, 2022
Tamarack Jacket Class~Nov. 6th, 2022Tamarack Jacket Class~Nov. 6th, 2022
Holiday Ornament Quilling Class~Nov. 13th, 2022Holiday Ornament Quilling Class~Nov. 13th, 2022
Snowy Owl Needlefelting Winter Scene Class~Dec. 11th, 2022
Marvelous Mystery Quilt Program
EverSewn Sewing Machine Rental
EverSewn Sewing Machine Rental
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Night Sky Quilt Class~June 23rd, 2022Night Sky Quilt Class~June 23rd, 2022
Propensity Runner ClassPropensity Runner Class
Propensity Runner Class
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